Free Safety Training For Realtors That Save Lives

The Unspoken Truth About Female Realtors That Your Broker Is Too “Uncomfortable” and Unqualified To Talk To You About

Women In Real Estate Are Extremely Vulnerable When Showing Homes To Strangers But I’ve Developed A Female Realtor Safety Intensive To Help Keep You Vigilant, Alert, And Help Protect Yourself in The Worst-Case Scenario

3 Secrets You’ll Discover After Going Through This Training

The #1 reason why you may feel unsafe when showing a property is a lack of a safety protocol

How carrying pepper spray, having a safety app or even carrying a gun will not protect you in a dangerous situation and could even escalate to violence or even cost you your life

The right and wrong way of dealing with dangerous situations as a woman in Real Estate

Who Am I And Why Should You TRUST Me?

For the last 38 years, I have helped female real estate agents experience a feeling of confidence and safety while going through the ins and outs of being a female in the workplace. Whether it’s showing properties, doing open houses, or meeting prospects for the first time, you should not have to live in fear.

I’ve been traversing the country sharing my revolutionary approach to a safer and more effective real estate industry for women.

In a predominantly male-led personal safety industry (where violence to women occurs at a staggeringly disproportionate rate), I offer a wealth of personal insight, public safety, knowledge, and certified training experience that has educated and inspired thousands of female Realtors on how to avoid the hidden dangers within daily activities in the real estate profession and focus on closing more deals.


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